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It is an unfortuante circumstance when landlords need to evict his or her tenat for non-payment of rent  or breaking the lease terms.
The landlord faces tough finacial times and requires some legal advices needed by every state.  Each state has different law’s  about how to procced with the eviction process. Make sure you compare few eviction lawyers and understand and the information given to you as well as follow all the legal advice .
After winning in court if tenat is  not move out of the premisse you will need to conect the shiriff in you county or the marshel and follow their guide lined remmber every state city or county might have diffrent regulation.
You will get a date for the marshel to come and basicly at that time you will get the apartment to your possion ,at that time you must hire license and insured moving company to move everything left in the apartment (if any), on some state landlord require to pay for a month or even 2 for the eviction movin g company to put everything in license storage facilty ,( most of the time mini storage is no good ) ask the marshel here we put leading eviction lawer in every state the formiler and expernce with the process.
Eviction Moving Companies– all movers are license insured and experice with all espect of eviction moves most will provice license storage if required.